The Order of Good Times/L'Ordre de Bon Temps

North America's Oldest Club

France Blue Fleur de Lys
France Flag 1609 Blue Fleur de Lys

The Order of Good Times, originally known as
L'Ordre de Bon Temps, was originally a French Colonial Order founded by suggestion of Samuel de Champlain upon arrival in New France, present day Canada. It was founded at Port-Royal, Nova Scotia and was originally chartered under the Royal auspices of the Baron de Poutrincourt and Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons of France. The Order's practices were established by the first Chief Steward Marc Lescarbot.

The Baron de Poutrincourt, Intendant to the King of France in North America, had been on an expedition on the Atlantic coast to the coast of present-day Maine, and, on the occasion of his return to the fort at Port-Royal, the Order was founded at a glorious reception, the preparations for which reportedly involved all those remaining at Port-Royal.

His return on the 14th of November, 1606, is a date to remember in the annals of the New World, as the establishment of the first North American order of chivalry and the birth of the Nouveau of New France. The feasting of the Order occurred weekly and continued throughout the winter until the last of March, only to recommence annually in the Fall.

OOGT Feast

first toast of the Order made by the Baron de Poutrincourt:

We meet tonight to witness an event that will, I pray, go ringing down the years as marking the sure founding of the Order, which God and France shall ever serve as beacon to our goal.

Jean Biencourt, Baron de Poutrincourt

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